About Company


      JV "Water Filters" is the official distributor in Uzbekistan of the trademark Aquaphor, WaterBoss, Aquaphor Professional. Dealer Clack, Canature, Runxin, Broxo, Dow, Vontron and other manufacturers.
      The main activity of the company is the supply, wholesale and retail sale, installation of water filters and filter elements, servicing companies, restaurants, industries.
       We offer you high-quality filters and water purification systems made in Russia and the United States, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Israel and other countries.
     At present, foreign technologies have reached a very high level, sometimes it is extremely difficult to make a choice in favor of one or another manufacturer. Therefore, we provide you with available in the range filters from different manufacturers, all products are in stock in Tashkent.
      The company Water Filters offers filters for water purification with a wide choice of systems, both for softening, deironing, deionization, and for complete filtration of water. We will help you find the right system for the most optimal water treatment solution. (Over 800 different solutions). We carry out testing and water analysis. We develop projects. We are actively working in industrial water treatment. We have a lot of completed successful projects.

Ilkhom: '' We decided to install a filter at home, my friends advised Water Filters company. I spoke with representative of the company, they have explained in detail, installed on the same day. I;m satisfied with the quality of the water. "
Timur: “We bought the Aquaphor filter already many years ago, the workers reminds us to replace the filters, it’s very convenient. Everyone is pleased.”
Sabina: "I can’t say anything bad. Everything works fine, the water is delicious."
Sanjar: "The water in the house is of very poor quality. We began to find out about the filters, we chose for a long time. We chose the Waterboss softener. In fact, it is compact, noiseless, cheap to maintain. I advise everyone!"
Marat: "We have been using it for many years, very satisfied."
Marina: "We live outside the city, we use water from our well. I have always been not happy with the aftertaste and sediment after boiling. We handed over the water for analysis, the result left much to be desired. We bought WaterBoss 700, delivered it and we are very pleased with the result. Thank you very much!"
Samandar: “I put the WaterBoss 700 in the cottage. The water became clear and soft, the dishwasher and the washing machine shine! Not to mention the plumbing! For drinking, on the advice of a store employee, I have installed a drinking filter with a separate faucet. For now I'm satisfied, I hope won’t let down further. "
Abdulaziz: "I have been using Aquaphor filters for the 8th year. Starting from Modern, then Crystal and for several days now I have been using DWM-101. I like water quality very much. Thank you!"